The hook is a low level api for temporary or single use. If you want to display the same avatar in different page , we suggest you to check out createAvatar function.

You can use this hook to create the canvas displaying your avatar and also handle the part of connecting with different LLM with the help of vercel AI SDK useChat hook.

Below is a example demonstrating usage of the hook.

import { ElevenLabVoiceService } from "@avatechai/avatars";
import { createAvatar } from "@avatechai/avatars/react";

const useMyAvatar = createAvatar({

const {
} = useChat();

const { avatarDisplay, context, handleFirstInteractionAudio } = useMyAvatar({
  append: append,
  messages: messages,
  isLoading: isLoading,
  avatarDisplayProps: {
    y: 200,
    className: "w-[24rem] h-[40rem]",

useAvatar options

Options passed to useAvatar:

Create Avatar Props

appendinsert the useChat append function in this option, you can use the append from useChat as usual when integrating the chatbot experiences.
messageinsert the useChat message array in this option.
isLoadinginsert the useChat isLoading boolean in this option.
avatarDisplayPropsAn optional, extra props to be passed to the AvatarDisplay to adjust the avatar placement, layout and more.


The useAvatar hook returns an object which containing different method and variables.

avatarDisplayJSX.elementa canvas element to display your avatar.
contextObjectreturning context of avatarClient
handleFirstInteractionAudio() => voidMust call this function in order to grant permission to play audio